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Pioneer CA-402 Clutch Cable


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Pioneer CA-402 Clutch Cable

Pioneer CA-402 Clutch Cable

Item Specifics:

  • Brand: Pioneer Automotive Industries
  • Part Number: CA-402
  • Alternate/OEM Part Number(s): 364672, 463006
  • Part Description: Clutch Cable
  • Quantity Required: 1
  • Condition: New

Features and Benefits:

  • Pioneer clutch cables are manufactured with the highest quality material to meet or exceed O.E.M. specifications.
  • Pioneer cables are made to O.E.M. overall lengths and mounting lengths.
  • Brackets are included on required applications.

General Information:

  • Common signs of a bad or failing Clutch Cable include transmission slips out of gear, clutch pedal is hard to depress, clutch pedal bottoms out.
  • Manufacturers recommend inspecting your Clutch Cable with every main service for fraying, sticking, or stiffness and replace if there are signs of wear.


Tech Specs
Overall Length 47.36 in.

Quick Reference Fitment Guide:

Make Model Year Range Notes
Chevrolet Camaro 1976-1977 4.1L L6; 5.0L V8; 5.7L V8
Chevette 1976-1977 1.4L L4; 1.6L L4
Corvette 1976-1977 5.7L V8
Laguna 1976 5.0L V8; 5.7L V8; 6.6L V8
Malibu 1976-1977 4.1L L6; 5.0L V8; 5.7L V8
1976 6.6L V8
Monte Carlo 1976-1977 5.0L V8; 5.7L V8
1976 6.6L V8
Monza 1976-1977 2.3L L4; 5.0L V8
1976 4.3L V8
Nova 1976-1977 4.1L L6; 5.0L V8; 5.7L V8
Vega 1976 2.0L L4
1976-1977 2.3L L4
Oldsmobile Starfire 1976-1977 2.3L L4
1978-1980 2.5L L4
Pontiac Astre 1976-1977 2.3L L4
1977 2.5L L4
Sunbird 1976-1977 2.3L L4
1977-1980 2.5L L4