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Pioneer CA-1953 Automatic Transmission Detent Cable


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Pioneer CA-1953 Detent Cable

Pioneer CA-1953 Detent Cable

Item Specifics:

  • Brand: Pioneer Automotive Industries
  • Part Number: CA-1953
  • Alternate/OEM Part Number(s): 1256301, 1260676
  • Part Description: Detent Cable
  • Quantity Required: 1
  • Condition: New

Features and Benefits:

  • Pioneer Detent Cables are manufactured with the highest quality material to meet or exceed O.E.M. specifications.
  • Pioneer cables are made to O.E.M. overall lengths and mounting lengths.
  • Brackets are included on required applications.

General Information:

  • The Detent Cable is also sometimes called the kickdown cable.
  • Common signs of a bad or failing Detent Cable include transmission shifts hard, shifts early and fast, shifts late and slow.


Tech Specs
Overall Length 43.86 in.
Mounting Length 34.84 in.
1st End Type Long Slide
1st End Size
2nd End Type Flat Spade
2nd End Size

Quick Reference Fitment Guide:

Make Model Year Range Notes
Buick Skylark 1976 THM350
Oldsmobile Omega 1976-1977 THM350
Pontiac Firebird 1976-1977 THM350
Pontiac Firebird 1976-1977 THM475/M40
Pontiac Grand LeMans 1977 THM350
Pontiac Grand Prix 1977 THM350
Pontiac LeMans 1977 THM350
Pontiac Phoenix 1977 THM350
Pontiac Ventura 1976-1977 THM350

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