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Pioneer CA-1950 Automatic Transmission Detent Cable

Pioneer CA-1950 Automatic Transmission Detent Cable


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Pioneer CA-1950 Automatic Transmission Detent Cable

Pioneer CA-1950 Automatic Transmission Detent Cable

Item Specifics:

  • Brand: Pioneer
  • Manufacturer: Pioneer Automotive
  • Part Number: CA-1950
  • Part Type: Automatic Transmission Detent Cable
  • Alternate/OEM Part Number(s): CA1950, 1245640, 1245641, 1245902
  • Condition: New Old Stock (NOS) - Packaging may be dirty, damaged, resealed, show shelf wear, have writing or other marks or labels. Item quality is not affected.
  • Quantity Required: 1

General Information:

  • The Automatic Transmission Detent Cable (Kickdown Cable) connects the throttle mechanism to the transmission in order to determine the shift point based on demand.
  • Signs of a bad or failing Automatic Transmission Detent Cable are the transmission shifts hard, shifts early and fast, or shifts slow and late.

Features and Benefits:

  • Pioneer cables are manufactured with the highest quality material to meet or exceed O.E.M. specifications.
  • Pioneer cables are made to O.E.M. overall lengths and mounting lengths.
  • Brackets are included on required applications.
  • Pioneer cables include Emergency brake, Speedometer, Accelerator, Passing gear (detent), Transmission shifter, Clutch and Specialty Cables.
  • Pioneer provides the automotive service and repair market the broadest coverage of products for domestic and import cars and light trucks.


Tech Specs
Overall Length 38.23"
Mounting Length 32.56"
1st End Type Straight Cylinder
2nd End Type Flat Spade
2nd End Size 2.8mm dia hole


Make Model Year Range Notes
Buick Century 1982-1983  
Buick Skyhawk 1983-1986  
Buick Skylark 1980-1983  
Cadillac Cimarron 1983-1986  
Cadillac DeVille 1985-1987  
Cadillac Eldorado 1986-1987  
Cadillac Fleetwood 1984-1987  
Cadillac Seville 1986-1987  
Chevrolet Camaro 1982-1983  
Chevrolet Cavalier 1983-1986  
Chevrolet Celebrity 1982-1983  
Chevrolet Citation 1980-1983  
Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera 1982  
Oldsmobile Firenza 1983-1986  
Oldsmobile Omega 1980-1983  
Pontiac 6000 1982-1983  
Pontiac Firebird 1982-1983  
Pontiac J2000 1983  
Pontiac J2000 Sunbird 1985  
Pontiac Phoenix 1980-1981  
Pontiac Sunbird 1986  
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