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Moroso 9118M Mag-Tune Ignition Spark Plug Wire Set - Made in the U.S.A.


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Moroso 9118M Mag-Tune Ignition Spark Plug Wire Set
Moroso 9118M Ignition Spark Plug Wire Set
Moroso parts are respected by professional drivers and weekend racers alike for their quality, power, and performance. Known on tracks and roads for their power and execution, Moroso Performance products have been trusted for generations.
  • Moroso Mag-Tune spark plug wires start with a conductive latex-coated, heavy-duty fiberglass core, then a spiral-wound stainless nickel alloy conductor, a fiberglass reinforcing braid, and finally high-temperature EPDM jacketing.
  • The wire sets are assembled with moisture-resistant 100 percent silicone boots and snap-lock spark plug terminals
  • Each and every wire produced is fully tested to ensure secure termination, electrical continuity and dielectric strength.
  • All wire is tested regularly under laboratory conditions to ensure consistency in energy transfer and electro-magnetic interference suppression
Moroso 9118M Mag-Tune Ignition Spark Plug Wire Set
  • Brand: Moroso
  • Manufacturer: Moroso Wire Technologies Inc
  • Model: Mag-Tune
  • Part Number: 9118M
  • Part Description: Ignition Spark Plug Wire Set
  • Wire Size: 7mm
  • Quantity Required: 1 Set
  • Selling Unit: 1 Set
  • Condition: New
Moroso 9118M Mag-Tune Ignition Spark Plug Wire Set
  • 100 percent silicone boots
  • Snap-lock spark plug terminals
  • Terminals are factory crimped to prevent pull-off after many installations
  • Stainless Nickel Alloy Wire Wound Core
  • High-dielectric strength compound
  • Fiberglass reinforcing braid
  • Extra thick high temperature wire
  • Moisture proof molded distributor boots
Moroso 9118M Mag-Tune Ignition Spark Plug Wire Set
Make Model Year Range Notes
Buick Century 1986 2.8L V6
Buick Skylark 1985 2.8L V6
Cadillac Cimarron 1985-1986 2.8L V6
Chevrolet Camaro 1985-1989 2.8L V6
Chevrolet Cavalier 1985-1986 2.8L V6
Chevrolet Celebrity 1985-1986 2.8L V6
Chevrolet Citation II 1985 2.8L V6
Chevrolet Lumina APV 1990-1995 3.1L V6
Isuzu Pickup 1991-1994 3.1L V6
Isuzu Rodeo 1991-1992 3.1L V6
Isuzu Trooper 1989-1991 2.8L V6
Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera 1986 2.8L V6
Oldsmobile Firenza 1985-1986 2.8L V6
Oldsmobile Silhouette 1990-1993 3.1L V6
Pontiac 6000 1985-1986 2.8L V6
Pontiac Fiero 1985-1988 2.8L V6
Pontiac Firebird 1985-1989 2.8L V6
Pontiac Trans Sport 1990-1993 3.1L V6

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