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Monroe 71265 Sensa-Trac Suspension Strut


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Monroe 71265 Sensa-Trac Suspension Strut

Monroe 71265 Sensa-Trac Suspension Strut

Item Specifics:

  • Brand: Monroe
  • Model: Sensa-Trac
  • Manufacturer: Tenneco
  • Part Number: 71265
  • Part Description: Suspension Strut
  • Position: Rear Right or Rear Left
  • Alternate/OEM Part Number(s): 176413031A, 176413031C, 176413031D, 176413031E, 176413031F, 176413031G, 176513033A, 191412031H, 191413031, 191413031H, 191413031J, 191413031K, 191413031Q, 191413031R, 191513033D, 191513033J, 1H0413031A, 1H0413031L, 1H0413031P, 1H0413031Q, 1H0513031, 1H0513031D, 1H0513031F, 1H0513031R, 1H0513031S, 1HM513031B, 1HM513031E, 1HM513031F, 1L0413031C, 200413031A, 357413031S, 535413031C, 535413031D
  • Condition: New Old Stock (NOS) - Packaging may be dirty, damaged, resealed, show shelf wear, have writing or other marks or labels. Item quality is not affected.

Features and Benefits:

  • All-weather fluid containing special modifiers to reduce friction and ensure smooth rod reaction
  • Rod-displaced valving tuned specifically for each application automatically adjusts to road extremes to provide consistency and ride comfort
  • Fluon banded piston that works with the existing groove tube technology to provide responsiveness to changing road conditions
  • Precision tapered grooves in the pressure tube perform like an additional stage of valving for optimum ride tuning
  • Hardened and chrome plated piston rod for long service life
  • Nitrogen gas charged design improves ride and handling to help maintain tire-to-road contact by reducing aeration
  • Unique bronze-reinforced rod guide bearing and special seal provide longer service life and consistent performance

General Information:

  • Suspension Struts perform a shock damping function and provide structural support for the vehicle's suspension, affecting ride comfort, handling, and vehicle control.
  • Signs of bad or failing Suspension Struts include poor ride quality, nose dives during braking or rear squats during acceleration, body roll on turns, bottoming out on bumps, unusual tire wear or cupping.


Tech Specs
Body Length (in.) 16.125
Extended Length (in.) 25.000
Compressed Length (in.) 16.500
Travel Length (in.) 8.500

Quick Reference Fitment Guide:

Make Model Year Range Notes
Volkswagen Cabrio 1995-2002 Rear; Qty Req: 2
Corrado 1990-1995 Rear; Qty Req: 2
Golf 1985-1998 Rear; Qty Req: 2; w/o ABS
Jetta 1985-1998 Rear; Qty Req: 2

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