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Ford F4CE-9C968-AA (Motorcraft CM4764) Fuel Injection Pressure Regulator (Bulk -


  • $ 3979

Genuine Ford Motorcraft Part. Designed, engineered and recommended by Ford Motor Company.
  • Motorcraft Part Number: CM-4840
  • Ford Part Number: F4CE-9C968-AA
  • Ford online price: $115.46 + Shipping
  • Cross Reference: CM4643, CM4646, CM4664, CM4711, CM4748, CM4764, E3EE9C968AA, E3EE9C968AB, E3FZ9C968A, E3FZ9C968AA, E5AE9C968AA, E5AE9C968AB, E5AZ9C968A, E6AE9C968A, E6AE9C968AA, E6AE9C968AB, E6AE9C968CA, E6AE9C968DA, E6AZ9C968A, E6EE9C968A2A, E6EE9C968AA, E6FZ9C968A, E77E9C968AA, E7DE9C968AA, E7DE9C968BA, E7EE9C968A, E7EE9C968AA, E7FZ9C968A, E7TZ9C968A, E8DZ9C968A, F3DZ9C968B, F3LY9C968E, F4CE9C968AA, F4CZ9C968A, ZZM013280, ZZM31328
  • Condition: New, Factory Bulk - Not individually packaged and does not include screws, washer or gasket
  • Manufactured by Bosch in Germany for Ford (Ford logo)
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